Viet Long Marine LTD .CO offers our customers a number of services at ports of loading and unloading.

Vietnam Shipchandler


We visually inspect the cargo at storage facilities, barges or railcars once the vessel is docked at the port or dock, to identify any changes to the cargo and verify that the holds The vessel and hold are clean and suitable for loading and unloading of the expected cargo. Initial and final draft readings are co-supervised by the appointed marine surveyor. In addition, we ensure that all surveying procedures are properly recorded and that all measurement, surveying and calculation methods are properly performed.

We test the terminals, including the mixer (in the use case), the magnetic separator, the screening and cleaning unit, the sampling system to verify that the devices are still functioning properly. function properly. We monitor picking and sampling operations performed by inspectors appointed by the supplier and visually inspect the condition of the goods to ensure that the goods meet the contractual requirements and protect the interests of customers.



We supervise loading and unloading quality control and visually inspect the condition of the goods to ensure contaminant loading prevention and general fitness for the customer's purpose. We also monitor whether the inspection company appointed by the suppliers or exporters carrying out the sampling activities is in accordance with the relevant standards (ISO/ASTM) for quality assurance.

On request, we may collect, seal, coordinate and/or store sub-lot division or aggregate samples from supplier inspectors after loading. If required, we can also analyze the same sample and issue an independent certificate of analysis.

Additional services that may be provided include testimonial sample preparation and total moisture determination and pre-shipment inspection of the cargo.